Mind over matter

A colleague and friend talked about how your mind is the master of your universe. How jealousy destroys the individual’s progress. How the world changes around you when you have clean and good thoughts.

Pretty good conversations.

P.s. Finished a meeting and going to next. Typing thoughts on your mobile and blog? Awesome.

Anw.in domain name and other blogs lost

Been a long time since I wrote a real blog post. Probably still not in the blogging mood. I am sad that I am losing my anw.in domain name due to non renewal. Also extremely sad that I lost my hosting space at bluehost.com. 7500 Rs/- per year was too much for me.

So lost all my data and all my blogs. Well, nothing I can do about it now.

And life goes on!

I will probably use this more like a diary than a blog.